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Palghat Division Goods Guards.pdf                                                                                              



Secret Ballot Election - 2020


Secret Ballot Elections_Draft Voters List_Covering Letter

 > Draft Voters List - PGT Division


> NEW Notification for Engagement of Contract Medical Practitioners and HA's

> NOTIFICATION FOR ENGAGEMENT OF Contract Medical Practitioners and HA's NEW

> Revised Time slot for online interview for HOUSE KEEPING ASSISTANT

> Revised Time slot for online interview for HOSPITAL ATTENDENT

> Revised Time slot for online interview for RADIOGRAPHERS

> Revised Time Slot for online interview for DIALYSIS TECHNICIANS

> Revised Time Slot for online interview for LAB TECHNICIANS

> Time Slot for online interview for LAB TECHNICIANS

> Time Slot for online interview for DIALYSIS TECHNICIANS

>Time slot for online interview for RADIOGRAPHERS




> Guidelines on Preventive measures to contain Covid 19 in workspace
Preventive measures to contain Covid-19-Attendance reg
 Preventive measures to contain Covid-19

Treating the Period of Absence/Duty

Suspension of Apprenticeship Training

Contribution to PMNRF

HRMS ( Human Resource Management System)

> Implementation of Employee Master Data & e - SR Modules - Reg


> UMID (unique Medical identification card)- Circular 

> UMID Flow Chart


> Postponing the written exam for the selection of Instructor/ Personnel/ MDDTI/ PGT. Ltr. Dt. 12.07.2019

> Selection for the post of Instructor/ Personnel/ MDDTI/ PGT. Ltr. Dt. 26.06.2019

> O.O. No. J/SG 05/ 2019 dt. 25.01.2019 (Re- engagement of Retd Staff as Instructor/ S&T/MDDTI/ PGT)

> Selection to the post of Instructor/Elec(TRD) MDDTI/PGT

March Sathyanishta at ZTI/Trichy

> Inaugural Function - Three days training program on Safety @ MDDTI/ PGT - Photos

>Project " Shaksham - II" - TRD Dep Training Schedule - Reg

>Project " Saksham - II" - Training to all Railway employees - Reg

> Photos of Awardees  - 2019

>Suggestion Schemes of Best Innovations on IR 2019-20


Divisional Athletic meet for Men & Women & Divn Sports Meet for Differently abled Staff on 06.03.2020 & 07.03.2020

> Inter Department Football Tournament on 24.5.2019 & 25.5.2019


> International women's day celebrations from 01/03/2020 to 10/03/2020

TRAFFIC  ( Operating, Commercial, Personnel, School, General)

> Bill Unit No: 108 (All staffs of Commercial Dept and comml Br)

> Bill Unit No: 104 (All Staffs of Genl Br, M.V. Drivers, Helper,Steno, Typist, Peons cadre)

> Bill Unit No: 0605103 (All Guards of PGT, CLT, SRR, CAN)

> Bill Unit No: 0605107 ( Ticket Checking Staffs)

Bill unit No: 0605105 ( SS,SM,TI,CHC - All Stations)

Bill Unit no: 0605106 (PMan, SHM - All Stations)

Bill Unit no. 0605549 (Personnel Br)

MECHANICAL (Mechanical, Medical, Electrical, Signal, Works Br, BTC, ADEN/ O/ PGT)

> Bill unit No: 0605051 ( Genl Br )

Bill unit No: 0605166 (Mechanical dept staffs - CAN,CLT,SRR,PGT)

> Bill unit No: 0605172 (Mechanical dept staffs - MAQ & MAJN)

Bill unit No: 0605349 (Works Br)

Bill unit No: 0605426 (Electrical Dept staffs - MAQ & CAN)

Bill unit No: 0605430 (Electrical Dept staffs - CLT, SRR & PGT)

Bill unit No: 0605151 (Running Mechanical staffs - MAQ)

Bill unit No: 0605153 (Running Mechanical staffs - CLT)


Bill Unit No: 0605242 (Employees of SSE/ PW/W/ PTJ)

Bill Unit No: 0605287 (Employees of SSE/ PW/ KLGD)

Bill Unit No: 0605233 ( Employees of SSE/ PW/ CLT)

Bill Unit No: 0605303 (Employees of SSE/ W/ SRR)

Bill Unit No: 0605234 ( Employees of SSE/ P.Way/ SRR)

Bill Unit No: 0605239 ( Employees of SSE/P.Way/ PGT)

Bill Unit No: 0605289 ( Employees of SSE/ PW/ TIR)

Bill Unit No: 0605230 & 0605310( Employees of SSE/ P. WAY, Works, ADEN & Bridges office /CAN)

Bill Unit No: 0605229 ( Employees of SSE/ PW/ KGQ)

Bill Unit No: 0605232 ( Employees of SSE/ PW/ QLD)

Bill Unit No: 0605228 ( Employees of SSE/ P. Way/ MAQ, ADEN/ O/ MAQ & SSE/ W/ MAQ)

Bill Unit No: 0605235 ( Employees of SSE/ P.Way/ AAM)


> Letter for postponement of written test for the post of Stenographer Gr.III

> Selection for the post of stenographer Gr.III in PML-4
> Notification for selection to the post of Commercial cum Ticket clerk in PML-03 against 33 1/3 % promotional quota

>Notification for filling up of vacancies in Workshop projects Organization Patna

Option from Technical/Non Technical Supervisor for filling up 04 posts of Chief Vigilance in spector and Sr. Inquiry Inspector

> Filling up the vacancies of Automobile Driver Gr.III in PML-2- General Pool/ Chennai Division

>Filling up the vacancies of Automobile Driver Gr.III in PML-2- Engineering Pool/ Chennai Division 

>  Cancellation of the notification dated 05-08-2020 for selection to the post of  Junier Clerk cum Typist (LDCE)

> Notification for selection to the post of  Junier Clerk cum Typist (LDCE)

> Notification for calling volunteers for working as technical Assistant in Personnel Department

> Alert Letter for  Selection to the post of Shunting Master Gr.II/Operating Department

> Filling up of Vacancies of Asst/AC wing

Postponed written examination for selection to the post of Stenographers Gr-III

>Written examination for Selection for the post of Stenographer Gr-III

> w

>Postponed written test for selection for the post of Goods Guard 60% PQ

>Selection for the post of SM In PML-6 against 25%PQ

>Selection for the post of Goods Guard in PML-5 against 60%PQ

> written examination for the post of Goods Guard in PML-05 against 60% PRQ

Cancellation of Goods Guard (Promotional quota) written examination held on 12.11 & 16.12.2019 60 Guard.pdf

> Cancellation of written test of Goods  Guard Selection held on 12.11.2019 & 16.12.2019

> Written test (SM) 25% PRQ

> Selection for the post of Shunting Master Gr.II in PML-6

> Filling up of Ambulance van Driver Gr.III at RH/PER-Medical dept.

>Alert notice for the selection of Stenographer/Gr,.III

>Notification for selection for the post of  STENO GRAPHER - GR.III

> Selection to the post of Junior Clerk-cum-Typist in PML-2 against 16 2/3% LDCE dated 05-08-2020

Group B Selection to the post of AXEE/ADEE against 70% Quota 

> PARIHAR online Grievance Adalat for PNMB-PADIL-MAJN-MAQ-KZE

> Grant of Children Eucational Allowance for the year 2019-2020

> Model format for switch from NPS to old pension scheme

> Coverage under Railway Services (Pension) Rules 1993 in place of NPS

> Timeslot for online interview for DIALYSIS TECHNICIANS

>Timeslot for online interview for RADIOGRAPHER

>Time slot for online interview for  LAB TECHNICIANS


> Annual Training Camp Programme for year 2020-21 Ltr. Dt.19.03.2020

> Filling up of the vacancies of Dresser-III in PML-02 in medical Department  

> Grant of Personal Computer advance to Non-gazetted employees for the year 2019-20 Ltr Dt.11.03.2020

> Filling up the vacancies of TI's at PCOM/O/MAS & CSO/O/MAS in PML -7 of VII th CPC 

> Selection For  Post Lab Sprdnt  in Medical Dprt on Direct Recruitment Ltr.Dt.17.02.2020

> Filling Ministeral Staff of Clerk-cum -Typist Ltr.Dt.19.02.2020

> Inter Zonal Quiz Competition for 65th Railway Week  Foundation 2020 Ltr.Dt.13.02.2020

> Railway Minister's English Essay Competition 2019-2020  Ltr.Dt.14.02.2020

> Filling Up The Post of General Assistant (Ex-Cadre) in General Branch/Hqrs/ MAS Ltr.Dt.12.02.2020

> Sanction of Financial Assistance from DSBF for the year 2019-20 dt. 06.02.2020

> Alert Notice of Selection to Post of Train Clerk against 33 1/3 % promotion Quota Ltr.Dt.04.02.2020

> Selection For the Post of Asst.Canteen Manager Ltr.Dt.30.01.2020

> Selection for the post of Inspector / Scouts in HQrs/MAS ( Ex-cadre )Ltr.Dt.29.01.2020

> In addition to the notification Selection for Post Stenographer/Gr.III  LtrDt:29.01.2020

> Selection for Post Stenographer/Gr.III (English against 25% by promotion & also 25%  by gen.Selection) Ltr.Dt.28.01.2020

> Intimation to employees to apply for  periodical transfer ECRC cadre Ltr.Dt.24.01.2020

> Filling up vacancies of Dresser-III in Medical Dprt  Ltr.Dt.22.01.2020

> Selection to Ex-Cadre post of Physical Training Instructor  Ltr.Dt.31.12.2019

> Grant of Personal Computer Advance to Non - Gazetted employees for the year 2019-2020

> Filling Tenure Posts Crew Controller /Traction Loco Controller) Ltr.Dt. 31.12.2019

> Holding Protest Week by AIRF Ltr.Dt.31.12.2019

> Selection for the post of Chief Vigilance Inspector(Traffic) & Commercial Ltr.Dt:24.12.2019

> Holidays for Railway Administrative Offices for Year 2020 Ltr.dt.23.12.2019

> Corrigendum for Holidays to Open Staff For Year 2020 Ltr.Dt.23.12.2019

>  Holidays to Open Staff For Year 2020

Exam for the Selection to the Post of Instructor - Engineering Department is Postponed. Ltr. Dt. 20.12.2019

Temprovary Deputation of Co-ordinators(Admin)Asst..Haj Officer/Haj Asst Ltr.Dt.19.12.2019

> Eligible Canditates for Exam for Selection  for Post of Staff& Welfare Inspector Ltr.Dt:18.12.2019

> Selection for Promotion of Group C Staff to Post of ADEE / AXEE Ltr.Dt.16.12.2019

> Selection for the post of Instructor (Traffic/ExCadre ) Ltr. Dt. 12.12.2019

>APO Selection against 70% (Regular) 6 Vacancies Ltr.Dt .12.12.2019

Class Room Trial Postponed -Selection for filling up of vacancies of Inspector/ Optg in MDZTI/ TPJ. Ltr. Dt. 11.12.2019

Fresh notification for Re- Engagement of Retired Railway employee. Ltr. Dt. 10.12.2019



>Central Staff Benefit Fund 2019-20 -Award of Scholarships  Ltr.Dt.17.12.2019

> Grant of Financial Assistance Under CSBF 2018-19  Ltr.Dt .17.12.2019.

> Grant of Financial Assistance Under CSBF 2019-20  Ltr.Dt .17.12.2019.


> Inter Depot Request Registration of Electrical GS as on 01.01.2021> Inter Depot request registration of Pointsman Cadre as on 01.01.2021
> Revised Inter Depot Request Registration Asst.(C&W)> Approval of  Inter-Depot Request Transfer / Tech / C&W ( O.O.No. J /MM / 08 /2020 ) Ltr.Dt.25.02.2020> Inter -Depot Request Transfer of Technician /C & W O.O.No. J/MM 06/2020  ) Ltr.Dt.06.02.2020
 Provisional list of Request Transfer of Nursing SRly & ICF Hospitals Ltr.Dt.04.02.2020
Provisional list of Rqst trns of Nursing Staff of SRly & ICF Hospitals( Spouse Ground )Ltr.Dt.04.02.2020

> Registration of SM cadre as on 27.01.2020
> Registration of commercial clerk cadre - as on 31.12.2020
> Registration of Request Transfer -  Ticket Checking cadre as on 31.12.2019
> Inter Depot Request Transfer - Track Maintainer-IV Ltr.Dt.20.12.2019



> Inter Divisional Mutual Transfer of Pointsman B (O.O.No:TD/23/2020 dated 17.07.2020)>Inter Railway Mutual Transfer of Loco Running staff (O.O.NO.J/PR 15/2020) Lr dt.22-06-2020

Approval Inter Railway Mutual Transfer Technicians  (  O.O.No J / MM / 11 / 2020 ) Ltr.Dt.19.03.2020Approval of Inter Div One way Transfer of Helper / C & W  ( O.O.No J / M 08 / 2020 ) Ltr. Dt18.03.2020
 Inter-Div Oneway Rqst Transfer  (  O.O.No TD / 12/ 2020 ) Ltr.Dt.26.02.2020

 >  Approval of Inter -Div Mutual Transfer / ALP /PGT  ( O.O.No J / PR / 10 / 2020  )  Ltr.Dt.25.02.2020

 Inter Divisional One Way request Transfer From MAS to PGT   ( Asst / TRD / OHE / JTJ ) Ltr.Dt 26.02.2020> Inter Divisional One Way request Transfer From MAS to PGT   ( Asst / TRD / OHE / PON ) Ltr.Dt 26.02.2020> Registration of Rqst Transfer in Asst / C&W of Mech Dprt Ltr.Dt.21.02.2020  >  Approval of Inter Railway Mutual Transfer Ticket staff ( O.O.No J /TC 05 /2020 ) Ltr.Dt.20.02.2020   > Approval Inter Divn Mutual Transfer JE / Elect/ TRD / OHE /CS (O.O.No J/ TRD / 05/ 2020 )    Ltr.Dt19.02.2020Approval of Inter Rly Request transfer TCC- Staff  ( O.O.No J/TC 04/2020 )   Ltr. Dt.19.02.2020  Approval Inter Rly One-way Request Transfer / PM-A /SGT O.O.No. TD/ 10 / 2020 )   Ltr.Dt.14.02.2020>  Approval of Inter  Division one way Request Transfer /Sr.ALP/ VM / TPJ Divn ( O.O.No J/PR 07/2020 )  Ltr.Dt.17.02.2020 > Approval of Inter Div One Way Rqst Transfer Approval / Helper / C& W  ( O.O.No J/M 03/ 2020 )   Ltr.Dt.14.02.2020> Approval Of Inter Div One Way Transfer  -Operating Dprt ( O.O.No. TD /09 /2020 ) Ltr.Dt.13.02.2020 Inter Divisional One way Request Transfer of  Employees ( O.O.No TD/ 08 /2020 ) Ltr.Dt.06.02.2020 > Inter Divisional One Way Transfer to PGT Divn as Asst  E / P / NBK / MAS Div  Ltr.Dt.07.02,.2020  Approval of One way Transfer TM-IV / SSE / PW / KPD O.O.No J/W II/14 /2020) Ltr.Dt.10.02.2020> Approval of Inter Railway One Way Transfer /Asst/E/TL/ MAQ (O.O.No J/E 02/ 2020) Ltr.Dt 29.01.2020  Approval of Inter Railway Mutual Transfer   O.O.No J/PB 04/2020 ) Ltr.Dt.28.01.2020 > Inter Divisional One-way request /ASST/Sig/SRR  (  O.O. J/ SG 02/2020  ) Ltr.Dt.21.01.2020Inter Div One way Request Transfer O.O.No .TD /04/2020 ) Ltr .Dt.20.01.2020 Inter Railway Transfer of  Ticket Checking Staff  (O.O.No. J/ TC/  02/2020 )Ltr.Dt. 13.01.2020Inter Divisional one way Transfer LP / PGT- TVC Ltr.Dt.09.01.2020O.O.No .TD/ 20/2020 Inter Railway One way Request Transfer P.Man A/VSG  Ltr. Dt.08.01.2020
> Inter Railway One way Request Transfer - SSE/D&D/PCE ( O.O.No. J/ W.I/02/ 2020 dt. 07. 01.2020)
Inter Divisional Transfer of Pharmatist_/ MDU to PGT /Ltr.Dt.06.01.2020
> Inter Railway Request Transfer - Sr. Tech/ Sig/ CAN - SER. ( O.O.No. J/ SG 01/ 2020 dt. 06.01.2020)> Inter Division Transfer Ch.Nursing Superident / MAS to PGT)   Ltr.dt. 30.12.2019 > Inter Divisional Mutual Transfer /ALP/Ltr.Dt.26.12.2019 Inter Divisional one way Request SSE Ltr.Dt.26.12.2019> Inter Divisional one way Request TransferTicket Checking Staff_Ltr.Dt.19.12.2019
> Inter Divisional one way Request Transfer_24_ TM-IVLtr.Dt.17.12.2019
> Inter Divisional one way Request Transfer  TM-IVLtr.Dt.17.12.2019
Inter Divisional one way Request Transfer  of Assistant /C&W/ SA Division Ltr.Dt. 29.11.2019> Inter Divisional one way Request Transfer - TPJ - PGT .(O.ONo. J/ W II/ 48/2019) . Ltr. Dt. 06.12.2019> Inter Divisional one way transfer vof Sri. Sajeesh Joseph. OS/ SSE/ C&W/ PGT. Ltr. Dt. 03.12.2019> Inter Railway one way Transfer of T M IV - MAQ - KGQ - CAN. Ltr. Dt. 05.12.2019


> List of tech-Power as on 01.01.2020

 list of Ch.OS, OS, Sr. Clerk, Clerks of  Personnel Branch as on 01.01.2020   


Provisional Seniority List of LP/MAIL as on 1.1.2021

> Provisional  Seniority List  of LP/Pass as on 1.1.2021
> Provisional Seniority List of LP/Goods as on 1.1.2021
> Provisional Seniority List of LP/Shunters as on 1.1.2021
> Confirmation of Seniority List of LP Mail as on 1.1.2021> Confirmation of Seniority List of LP Shg as on 1.1.2021

>Seniority list of CHC/SS/SM for the year 2021

> Seniority list of Guards Cadre for the year 2021

> Seniority list of Train Clerks for the year 2021

  Seniority list of Shunting Master Gr.I/ II,Sr.Pointsman, Pointsman A & Pointsman B

> seniority lisit of Pointsman B in PML-1 

> Discrepancy in the seniority list of Pointsman B  in PML-1 letter dated 24.06.2020

> Provisional Seniority List of Points Man B  Ltr.Dt.4.03.2020

>  List of Controllers / SS/ TI / SMs    Ltr. Dt.18.02.2020

>  List of Mail Guard ,Sr.Passenger Guard,Sr.Goods Guard,and Goods Guard as on 01.01.2020

>   List of TNC, Sr. TNC, CTNC as on 01.01.2020

>   List of Pointsman A - Ltr.Dt.02.01.2020

>   List of Shunting Master I, II Ltr.Dt 02.01.2020

>  List of Sr. Pointsman Ltr.Dt 02.01.2020

>   Provisional Seniority list of Typist cadre for the year 2021

> Provisional Seniority list of Stenographers for the year 2021

Seniority List of MV Drivers as on 1.1.2021

>  List of General Assistant & Lascars as on 01.01.2020

 List of Motor Vehicle Driver -PGT Divn as on 01.01.2020

>   List of Spt. Typist, Ch. Typist, Sr. Typist as on 01.01.2020

>   List of Stenographers Gr. I & III  as on 01.01.2020


>Seniority List ofTRD/OHE as on 01.01.2021

> Seniority List of TRD/PSI as on 01.01.2021


>Approved cases

>Position of CGA cases

>Alternative Employment on Medical Grounds



> O O No.J/M 19/2020 ( Promotion of Ministerial Staff of Mech.dept.)
> O O No. JM 17/2020 (Mechl) absorption of Sri.Jaseem.V Sr.ALP as Jr.Clerk
> O O NO JMM16/2020 (Promotion of Sr.Tech/C&W)
>O O  No J/M15/2020-  Request Transfer > O O No. J/MM 14/2020 - promotion of Technician- C&W 


> O.O.No. J/ E 42/ 2019. Ltr. Dt. 28.11.2019 (Promotion & Transfer  to the post of Sr. Tech Gr-II)

> O.O.No. J/ E 39/ 2019. Ltr. Dt. 11.11.2019 (Promotion to the post of Sr. Tech/ E/ P & Tech I/ E/ P)

> O.O.No.J/ E 32/ 2019 dt. 17.10.2019 ( Promotion to the post of Tech III against 25% LDCE ( Elec Dept)

> O.O.No.J/SG 23/2020 (Promotion nad posting of Tech/Tele)

> Promotion to the post of Sr.Tech/Tele

> O.O.No J / SG 14 / 2020 ( Engagement of Ex-Serviceman -contract basis) Ltr.Dt.09.03.2020  

> O.O No.J/SG .15/2020 (Appointment of Technician Gr.III) Ltr.Dt.09.03.2020

>O.O No.j/sg 13/2020 (Termination of service of shri.Althsf shameel) Ltr. Dt.04.03.2020

> O.O No J/SG 12/2020  (Transfer of TELE staff ) Ltr. Dt.04.03.2020

> O.O.No J / SG 11 / 2020 ( Approval of Inter Rly Mutual Transfer /Asst /Sig / TIR ) Ltr.Dt.26.02.2020 

> O.O.No J/ SG 10 /2020 ( Transfer of Signal Staff SSE/Sig /PAY ) Ltr.Dt.12.02.2020

> O.O.No J/ SG 09 /2020 ( Appoinment of Trainee JE ) Ltr.Dt.11.02.2020

> O.O.No J/ SG 08 /2020 ( Appoinment of Trainee JE ) Ltr.Dt.11.02.2020

> O.O.No J/ SG 07 /2020 ( Appoinment of Tech-III ) Ltr.Dt.11.02.2020

> O.O.No J/SG 03/2020 ( Absorption of bungalow Lascar as Asst/Signal ) Ltr.Dt.31.01.2020

> O.O.No .J/ SG 04/ 2020 ( Re-engagement of retired staff-13 mbrs) Ltr.Dt.30.01.2020 

> O.O.No . J/ SG 03/ 2020 ( Promotion and Transfer  as  Sr.Section Officer ) Ltr.Dt.23.01.2020

> O.O. J/ SG 02/2020 (Inter Divisional One-way request /ASST/Sig/SRR) Ltr.Dt.21.01.2020

O.O.J/ SG 34/2019 dt.13.12.2019 (Appoinment of Technician Gr.III)

O.O.J/ SG 28/2019 dt.15.11.2019 ( Inter Railway Mutual Transfer of Tech-I )

> O O NO. J/PB 24//2020 staff changes in Personnel Department

>O.O No:J/PB 21/2020(Absorption of employee in alternate post on medical grounds)

> OO No.J/PB 17/2020 (promotion and transfer of Personnel Department)

> oo no J/PB 16/2020 (transfer and posting of PB Staffs)

>o.o No.J/PB 13/2020 (partial modification of O.O.No.J/PB/12/2020)

> O.O.No.J/PB 12/2020 (Transfer and posting of PB Staff)

>O.O.No.J/PB 12/2020 Transfer and posting of Personnel Department Staff

> O.O No. J/PB 11/2020 (Inter railway Mutual Transfer of Shri.Syed Mohammed )Ltr.Dt 16.03.2020

> O.O.No.J/ PB 35/2019 Dt. 14.11.2019 ( Promotion / Posting of Personnel Branch Staff - Reg)

> O.O.No:TD/10/2021 dated 04.05.2021-Request transfer of Pointsman A  & Pointsman B > O.O.No.TD/11/2021 dated 03.05.2021-Promotion to the post of Pointsman A inPML-2O.O.No.TD/09/2021 dated 22.04.2021-  Grant of Financial upgradation under MACP for Pointsman/ Operating Department O.O.No.TD/08/2021 dated  23.04.2021-Posting of Contract PMB > OO No.J/T.15/2021 dated 31-03-2021 Periodical Transfer of SS/SMs> Corrignedum to O.O.No.T2/11/2021Appointment as TNC in PML-2> Request transfer of Goods Guard

> Appointment of Goods Guard in PML-54 (RRB)

Appointment of Goods Guard in PML-5

> Transfer of Contract PMB 
>Selection for promotion from Group C to Group B Service for the post of AOM/ATM/AO(70%)

>Selection to the post of Instructor(Traffic)/MDDTI/PGT

Corrigendum to O.O.No:TD/02/2021 dated 09.02.2021

Promotion  to  the post of Pointsman A/Operating Department  in PML-2

> Request Transfer of Pointsman A/Operating Department in PML-2

>Selection to the post of Section Controller(75% PRQ)

> Memorandum No:J/P.535/VIII/SS/SM/TI/Controllers/Vol.III/MACP dated 13.01.2021

>Selection to the post of Instructor/Traffic/MDDTI/PGT(ExCadre)

>Selection to the post of Station Master in Pay Matrix Level-06, against 25% PQ(Postponing of Written examination)

Place of posting of PMB on IRT  
>Selection to the post of of Station Master in Pay Matrix Level -6, against 25% PQ(Cancellation of Written exam and Aptitude Test)

> OO No,T2/22 dated 20-11-2020 (IRMT Guard)

> O O No. TD 34/2020 dated 19.11.2020 (Termination of Service Contract PMB)

> OO  No  T2/20/2020 dated 11.11.2020(Promotiom of CTNC)
>Notification for filling up of vacancies of Traffic Inspectors

>J/P 535/VIII/ Sr. Goods Guards/ Vol-II dated 11.11.2020

>OO NO.J/T 19/2020 Re-engagement of retired staff

> OO NO T2.19/2020 dated 09.11.2020 (Promotion of Sr. Goods Guard)

>oo No T2/18/2020 dated 05.11.2020  (Posting of Goods Guard on request)

>Alert notice for selection to the post of Instructor/Traffic

>oo.No T2/13/2020 dated 29.10.2020 ( inter Railway transfer of safeer)

> oo No  T2.16/2020 dated 02.11.2020 (inter Railway mutual transfer Arun Prakash)

> OO No T2/17/2020 dated 02.11.2020 (Inter Divisional mutual transfer of sarath)

>Grant of Temporary status(Memorandum dated 02.11.2020)

>O.O.No:J/T18/2020 dated 29.10.2020 (Place of posting of Section controller)

> OO No.T2/14/2020 dated 02-11-2020 (Mail Guard Promotion)

>O.O.No:J/T.17/2020 dated 16.10.2020(MACP to PML -09)
O.O.No:TD/31/2020 dated 29.10.2020( Appointment/ Posting of Pointman B)

>O.O.No:TD/30/2020 dated 29.10.2020 (Posting of Contract PMB)
>Fixation of pay  on promotion to the post of SS(Memorandum dated 15.10.2020)

>O.O NO:T.16/20 dated 09.10.2020(POSTING OF TRAFFIC APPRENTICE) 

> IDMT of Pointsman B in Operating Department 
>Notification for filling up of vacancies of Controllers in Central Control/PCOM/O/MAS in level -07

>Notification for Selection to the post of Instructor/Traffic(Ex-Cadre) in Pay Matrix Level -07 at MDDTI/PGT

>> Re-fixation of pay on grant of 1st MACP 
> Termination Memorandum of Contract PMB>Termination memorandum of Reghunath.A, Mail Guard/PGT>O.O No.T2/11/2020 dated 22-09-2020 (IDMT Guard)>Selection to the post of Section Controller in PML-06(75% PRQ) letter dated 11.09.2020
>O.ONo:J/T.15/2020 dated 08.09.2020(Absorption of Medically Decategorised Employee)
>O.O.No:T2/09/2020 dated 27.08.2020(Promotion of Ministerial staff of Operating Department)
>Selection to the Ex Cadre Post of Instructor/Operating in PML-7,6 IN 7 th CPC at MDZTI/TPJ
>OO NO,.TD/26/2020 dated 20-08-2020

>IDMT OO No.TD/24/2020 dated 20-08-2020 

>Selection to the post of Instructor/Traffic/MDDTI/PGT(Ex-Cadre) in PML-07 letter dated 17.08.2020

> Selection to the post of Instructor/Traffic/MDDTI/PGT (Ex-cadre) in PML-07 letter dated 13.08.2020

>O.O No:J/T.14/2020 dated 10.08.2020(Promotion to the post of SS)

>O.O.No:J/T.13/2020 dated 03.08.2020(Posting of TI's in Operating Branch)

>Promotion/ posting of Shunting Master Gr.I (O.O.No.TD/25/2020 dated 27.07.2020)
>Selection to the post of Instructor/Traffic/MDDTI/PGT dated 23.07.2020

>Memorandum No:J/P 535/VIII/SM's/TI's/Controller/Vol.III dated 17.07.2020
>O.O No:J/T.11/2020 dated 13.07.2020(Promotion to the post of SS)

>O.O No:J/T.10/2020 dated 10.07.2020(Place of posting of SM's)

>O.O NO:J/T.09/2020 dated 10.07.2020(IRMT of SM's)

>Memorandum No:J/P.135/Re-engagement/Optg/Vol.2 dated 01.07.2020

> Office order No:TD/22/2020 dated 29.06.2020

>CORRIGENDUM TO OO No.T2/07/2020 DATED 01-06-2020

>OO No:TD/21/2020 dated 15.06.2020 (Termination of service of contract PMB)

>OO No:J/T.08/2020 dated 04.06.2020(Transfer of SM)

>OO No:J/T.07/2020 dated 01.06.2020(Promotion to the post of SS)

>OO NO.T2/7/2020 DATED 01-06-2020 (Sr.Goods Guard promotion)

>OO No.T2/06/2020 DATED 26-05-2020 (SR. PASSGUARDPROMOTION)

>OONo.T.2/05/2020 dated 26-05-2020 (MAIL GUARD PROMOTION)

> OO No.T.2/03/2020 Dt.13-05-2020 (CTNC Promotion)

>O.O.NO.TD/20/2020 DATED 20.05.2020

>OO No.TD/19/2020(termination of service)

> OO No,.TD/172020 (Re-engagement of Pointsman )

> OO No.J/T.05/2020 (Periodical transfer of SS/SM 2020)

> O.O No.TD/16/2020 (Debarring of Promotion as shunting Master Gr.II in Level -04 of)

O.No. J / T. 03/ 2020 Inter Rly One Way Rqst(  SS/POY /PGT ) Ltr.Dt.18.02.2020