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         Madurai Division
            OFFICE ORDER/कार्यालय आदेश
                  TRANSFER ORDER

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07/01/2014-Order No.02/2014/III/Comml -  IDT Mutual Transfer of Chief Commercial Clerk- S.Sivarajan
20/01/2014-Order No.02/2014/TFC Gr.C&D - Transfer order - R.Dharmalingam- PMan SNP TEN
30/01/2014-Order No. 04/2014/TFC Gr.C&D -  
Transfer Pointsman
07/02/2014-Order No.05/2014/II/TFC Gr. C&D -  Transfer Post of SCP-P.MAN-C.MAN
14/02/2014-Order No.06/2014/II/TFC Gr. C&D -  Transfer of Robert &Subbaiah
20/02/2014-Order No.05/2014/III/Comml - Transfer Order of  A. Ramarathinam-CCI-T
26/02/2014-Order No.08/2014/III/Comml - Transfer Order of  D. Jai Ganesh-CC-TDN
12/03/2014-Order No.10/2014/III/Comml - IDT Mutual Transfer of Chief Commercial Clerk -S. Sivarajan-CCC/MSM/MAS
25/03/2014-Order No.16/2014/TFC.Gr. C&D-  IDT Mutual Transfer of SCP-Shri.Varun G.Nair with Shri.M.Ramesh
23/04/2014 -Order.No.15/2014/III/Commercial - Modification of request Transfer - P. Don William & M. Ravichandran
29/05/2014 -Order No.16/2014/III/Commercial - Transfer - K.P. Senthilpandian and  6
02/07/2014 -Order No.20/2014/III/Comml - Transfer order - K.P. Senthilpandian and  1
02/07/2014 -Order No.20/2014/III/ECRCs - Transfer order -S. Anbuselvi and  1
02/07/2014 -Order No.21/2014/III/Comml - Transfer order - K. Kanthimathi and others
09/07/2014 -Order No.22/2014/III/Comml.- IRT of Commercial Clerk
10/07/2014 -Order No.23/2014/III/Comml -
Transfer order of 4 employees
23/07/2014 -Order No.25/2014/III/ECRC -Transfer order of R. Rajendran-CSE-R_TEN & M. Sankaranarayanan- RS-II_TN
28/07/2014-Order No.27/III/2014/TEs    -Transfer order of C. Subramanian- Sr.TE_SL_DG
02/09/2014-Order No.31/2014/III/ECRCs - IRMT of ECRC category
20/10/2014-Order No.35/III/2014/Comml/2000 - Posting of Pro.Commercial Clerks
21/10/2014-Order No.40/III/2014/ECRCs - Transfer Order of V. Srinivasa Desikan -  RS-II_MDU
29/10/2014-Order No.42/III/2014/ECRCs - Inter Railway Mutual Transfer - K. Venkatalakshmi
03/11/2014-Order No.36/2014/TNC -  Inter Railway One way Transfer of TNC

06/11/2014-Order No.45/III/2014/ECRCs -
Transfer order of Rajendra Prasad Meena and Ramkesh Meena
10/11/2014-Order No.47/III/2014/TTIs - Inter Railway One Way Transfer - Shri. Santhoshkumar - TTI_SL_MDU
19/01/2015-Order No.03/III/2015/ECRCs- Inter Divisional One Way Transfer of Shri P. Ramesh- ECRC-II
23/01/2015-Order No.5/III/2015/TEs    -
Transfer Order of  P.G. Saravanan
12/02/2015-Order No.09/III/2015/ECRCs- Inter Divisional Transfer of Shri P. Ramesh- ECRC-II
09/04/2015-Order No.19/III/2015/ECRCs- Periodical Transfer of ECRC Category
31/03/2015-Order No.14/III/2015/ECRCs- Periodical Transfer on 4 Years Policy in the cadre of  ECRC Category
31/03/2015-Order No.15/III/2015/ECRCs- Periodical Transfer on 4 Years Policy in the cadre of Ticket Checking Category
27/12/2017-Order No.23/2017/II/Guard - Transfer order of Goods Guards in Level-5 
05/01/2018-Order No.02/2018/II/Tfc Gr C&D - Transfer of P.Man/SCP -Traffic Dept 
08/02/2018-Order No.07/2018/TP-1        - Transfer of Station Superintendent/Station Master 
13/03/2018-Order No.18/2018/TP-1         - Request/Admn/Periodical Transfer of SSs/SMs 
26/03/2018-Order No.16/III/2018/CCs       - Transfer on 4 year Policy-Commercial Clerk Category  
07/03/2019-Order No.39/2019/TP-1           -  Request/Admn/Periodical Transfer of SSs and SMs

Source : Southern Railway Welcomes You CMS Team Last Reviewed : 07-03-2019  

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