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Abandoned Vehicles in Railway Parking Area

Sl.NoVehicle  Type with No.Place
1TVS XL SuperTN 07 AT 8109Basin Bridge Junction
2TVS XL SuperTN 01 AC 3560Basin Bridge Junction
3Motor cycleTSC-2055Carriage Works/Perambur
4Motor cycleTSC-2099Carriage Works/Perambur
5Yamaha FZTN-04-AH-3381Chennai Beach
6Bajaj DiscoverTN-22-BR-6873Chennai Beach
7Hero Honda SplendorTN-09-AC-9565Chennai Beach
8TVS SportTN-05-AH-2319Chennai Beach
9Hero Honda Splendor PlusTN-20-BU-4368Chennai Beach
10Bajaj PulsarTN-76-L-0036Chennai Egmore
11Hero Honda SplendorTN-02-X-3810Chennai Egmore
12Honda ActivaTN-04-AC-1939Chennai Egmore
13Hero Honda Super SplendorTN-50-C-9623Chennai Egmore
14Bajaj PulsarTN-22-BR-3747Chennai Egmore
15TVS Scooty PepTN-20-AH-3192Chennai Egmore
16TVS Scooty PepTN-20-AS-8646Chennai Egmore
17Hero Honda Super SplendorTN-01-AK-4921Chennai Egmore
18Yamaha Y2FNo NumberChennai Egmore
19Hero Honda PassionTN-04-R-2576Chennai Egmore
20TVS Star CityTN-55-S-8426Chennai Egmore
21TVS SuzukiTN-21-Q-1359Chennai Egmore
22Kinetic HondaKA-05-EE-5753Chennai Egmore
23TVS XL SuperTN-02-K-7093Chennai Egmore
24Hero Honda CD 100TN-47-M-8226Chennai Egmore
25Hero Honda Super SplendorTN-09-AD-1468Chennai Egmore
26TVS CentraTN-02-R-6292Chennai Egmore
27Bajaj DiscoverTN-07-AH-6972Chennai Egmore
28Kinetic HondaTN-07-K-2193Chennai Egmore
29KawasakiTN-04-L-1096Chennai Egmore
30Bajaj M-80TN-04-H-1810Chennai Egmore
31Bajaj CT-100TN-21-M-5927Chennai Egmore
32TVS XL SuperTN-31-L-4812Chennai Egmore
33TVS XL SuperTN-07-VZ-2071Chennai Egmore
34Hero Honda Splendor PlusTN-20-H-5506Chennai Egmore
35Hero Honda CD 100AP-11-Q-4061Chennai Egmore
36Kinetic HondaTN-09-K-6746Chennai Egmore
37Honda DioTN-04-AE-8058Chennai Egmore
38Hero Honda Splendor PlusTN-58-E-8483Chennai Egmore
39Honda ActivaKA-53-EB-8158Chennai Egmore
40TVS VictorTN-57-F-2197Chennai Egmore
41Hundai CarTN-01-T-4512Chepauk
42Opel Astra CarKA-03-MA-6218Chinthadaripet
43TVS-ScootyTN-22-AC-9625Greenways Road
44TVS-XLTN-06-F-2067Greenways Road
45Motor cycleTN-02-N-2580Gummidipundi
46Honda ActivaTN-04-0805Kasthurba Nagar
47Honda ActivaTN-07-AY-8914Kasthurba Nagar
48Bajaj XCD 125TN-20-BY-2520Kasthurba Nagar
49Hero Honda SplendorTN-59-Q-8255Kasthurba Nagar
50Hero Honda Passion ProTN-22-AB-3168Kasthurba Nagar
51TVS-ChampTN-22-D-2951Kasthurba Nagar
52Bajaj DiscoverTN-22-AR-8293Kasthurba Nagar
53Kinatic ZincTN-04-K-5890Kasthurba Nagar
54Hero Honda SplendorTN-20-Z-6754Kasthurba Nagar
55KavasakiTN-07-W-1065Kasthurba Nagar
56TVS ApacheTN-01-LC-3236Kasthurba Nagar
57Hero HondaTN-09-AF-03040Kasthurba Nagar
58YamahaTN-07-L-1960Kasthurba Nagar
59Hero HondaTN-09-AE-0021Kasthurba Nagar
60ScootyTN-22-BC-0194Kasthurba Nagar
61Bajaj-M-80TN-20-H-1245Kasthurba Nagar
62ScooterTN-07-AX-2974Kasthurba Nagar
63Scooter style='mso-spacerun:yes'> TN-03-1093Kasthurba Nagar
64Suzuki style='mso-spacerun:yes'> TN—22-Q-2149Kasthurba Nagar
65TVS - XLTN-07-AL-7113Kasthurba Nagar
66SuzukiTN-50-3913Kasthurba Nagar
67Old vehicleNo NumberKasthurba Nagar
68Old vehicleNo NumberKasthurba Nagar
69Old vehicleNo NumberKasthurba Nagar
70Old vehicleNo NumberKasthurba Nagar
71Auto RickshawTN-01-R-4054Kasthurba Nagar
72Bajaj DiscoverTN-22-BX-4215Katpadi
73Tata MagicTN-18-C-2872Light House
74Omini vanTN-22-AVG436Light House
75Omini vanTN-04-P7077Light House
76Old mortury vanNo numberLight House
77TVS VictorTN-23-AC-6867Loco Works/Perambur
78Hero Honda SplendorTN-20-V-8359Loco Works/Perambur
79Hero HondaTN-02-P-4626Loco Works/Perambur
80YamahaTN-09-L-1468Loco Works/Perambur
81Hero HondaTN-07-AU-7230Loco Works/Perambur
82TVS Super XLTN-05-M-8941Loco Works/Perambur
83Scooty PepTN-22-AT-0206Loco Works/Perambur
84Bajaj ChethakTN-02-A-6194Loco Works/Perambur
854 Bicycles-Loco Works/Perambur
86Hero HondaTN-09-BP-1599Madhuranthakam
87Kawasaki CaliberTN-02-Q-1704Madhuranthakam
89TVS ScootyTN-02-L-3227Mandaveli
90Bajaj AutoTN-07-BH-8601Mandaveli
91Suzuki 150RTN 04 AE 5914Moore Market Complex
92Bajaj CaliberTN 20 AF 8194Moore Market Complex
93Bajaj DiscoverTN 05 Y 2477Moore Market Complex
94BAJAJ X3TN 23 M 6802Moore Market Complex
95Hero Honda Passion ProAP 03 AG 7117Moore Market Complex
96Bajaj PulsarTN 02 BH 7164Moore Market Complex
97Honda ActivaTN 23 BR 4184Moore Market Complex
98TVS XLTN 21 AV 3691Moore Market Complex
99Yamaha LiberoTN 10 P 5907Moore Market Complex
100Bajaj PulsarTN 07 AP 5723Moore Market Complex
101TVS MAX 100TN 01 W 8813Moore Market Complex
102TVS VictorTN 05 K 8381Moore Market Complex
103HondaTN 22 AC 0381Moore Market Complex
104TVS ApacheTN 07 AP 7011Moore Market Complex
105Honda ActivaTN 22 BD 0264Moore Market Complex
106Bajaj PulsarTN 37 AQ 6198Moore Market Complex
107Hero Honda Splendor PlusTN 07 BV 6418Moore Market Complex
108TVS ApacheTN 20 AF 9928Moore Market Complex
109TVS CentraTN 20 M 3863Moore Market Complex
110TVS Star SportTN 19 Z 7158Moore Market Complex
111Bajaj ChethakKA 14 H 3535Moore Market Complex
112Bajaj ChethakTN 01 R 0087Moore Market Complex
113Bajaj PulsarKL 29 V 5932Moore Market Complex
114Bajaj PulsarTN 10 E 7020Moore Market Complex
115Hero Honda Splendor PlusTN 22 BB 6692Moore Market Complex
116Bajaj DiscoverTN 03 A 9768Moore Market Complex
117Bajaj PulsarTN 04 T 1589Moore Market Complex
118TVS XLTN 07 AV 8409Moore Market Complex
119Bajaj PulsarTN 63 H 7090Moore Market Complex
120FLYTTRTN 02 AE 2768Moore Market Complex
121CT 100TN 22 AM 1440Moore Market Complex
122Bajaj DiscoverTN 04 R 0982Moore Market Complex
123Hero Honda Passion PlusTN 33 AH 4998Moore Market Complex
124Bajaj DiscoverTN 05 S 7761Moore Market Complex
125Hero Honda SplendorTN 50 V 9173Moore Market Complex
126TVS ScootyTN 02 3553Moore Market Complex
127Hero Honda Splendor PlusTN 04 T 1743Moore Market Complex
128Kinetic HondaTN 01 W 2883Moore Market Complex
129Suzuki Max 100TN 22 V 6687Moore Market Complex
130Hero Honda Splendor PlusTN 20 M 4271Moore Market Complex
131Bajaj DiscoverTN 04 R 4143Moore Market Complex
132Yamaha RX 35TN 07 Y 0983Moore Market Complex
133Bajaj DiscoverTN 29 AV 6453Moore Market Complex
134Yamaha CruxTN 57 F 4842Moore Market Complex
135TVS SuzukiTN 22 L 1261Moore Market Complex
136Hero Honda SplendorTN 04 AA 1409Moore Market Complex
137Honda ActivaTN 01 W 3794Moore Market Complex
138Hero Honda SplendorTN 30 T 6495Moore Market Complex
139Honda ActivaTN 02 AC 3876Moore Market Complex
140Kinetic HondaTN 07 L 4030Moore Market Complex
141Kinetic HondaTN 07 Q 4342Moore Market Complex
142Hero Honda SplendorTN 22 AC 7747Moore Market Complex
143Honda UnicornAP 03 S 0370Moore Market Complex
144Bajaj PulsarTN 18 H 2262Moore Market Complex
145Bajaj DiscoverTN 10 R 0636Moore Market Complex
146Bajaj PulsarTN 42 V 3162Moore Market Complex
147CBZ ExtremeTN 03 C 7860Moore Market Complex
148Scooty StreakTN 05 AD 4866Moore Market Complex
149Hero Honda PleasureTN 10 F 4341Moore Market Complex
150Kawasaki BajajTN 20 5697Moore Market Complex
151TVS Star CityTN 20 AX 6572Moore Market Complex
152Hero Honda SplendorTN 07 AW 0902Moore Market Complex
153Yamaha FazerTN 22 AM 7029Moore Market Complex
154Hero Honda SplendorTN 09 AL 7196Moore Market Complex
155TVS CentraTN 05 Q 8523Moore Market Complex
156WANETN 22 AK 2488Moore Market Complex
157Hero Honda SplendorTN 05 E 9310Moore Market Complex
158Hero Honda SplendorNo NumberMoore Market Complex
159Bajaj M-80No NumberMoore Market Complex
160TVS VictorTN 07 AT 0168Moore Market Complex
161XLTN 36 X 5945Moore Market Complex
162YamahaTN 04 5603Moore Market Complex
163TVS Star CityNo NumberMoore Market Complex
164TVS ScootyTN 01 M 2989Moore Market Complex
165Honda ActivaTN 04 L 1995Moore Market Complex
166Honda ActivaTN 04 P 4371Moore Market Complex
167SaffireTN 22 V 1217Moore Market Complex
168TVS XL SuperTN 09 AB 8682Moore Market Complex
169YamahaTN 22 X 1195Moore Market Complex
170Hero Honda Splendor PlusTN 23 T 8857Moore Market Complex
171TVS XL SuperTN 05 H 8349Moore Market Complex
172TVS XL SuperTN 07 AV 6180Moore Market Complex
173Bajaj M-80TN 09 AA 4992Moore Market Complex
174Hero Honda SplendorTN 04 M 5914Moore Market Complex
175Bajaj BoxerTN 09 T 8075Moore Market Complex
176Hero Honda SplendorTN 09 R 3484Moore Market Complex
177Bajaj DiscoverTN 20 BW 6718Moore Market Complex
178Hero Honda CBZTN 07 W 6358Moore Market Complex
179Suzuki FierroTN 29  E 2774Moore Market Complex
180TVS XL SuperTN 07 AC 5056Moore Market Complex
181Hero Honda SplendorTN 22 AD 3630Moore Market Complex
182SuzukiTN 23 X 3411Moore Market Complex
183SuzukiTN 46 H 1705Moore Market Complex
184Tata IndicaTN-09-P-4410Mundakanniammankoil
185Hero HondaTN-20-BB-5549NGO Complex
186Bajaj SuperTN-69-B-0537NGO Complex
187Suzuki MAX 100TN-02-J-1753NGO Complex
188TVS Super XLTN-05-C-3162NGO Complex
189Hero Bicycle-NGO Complex
190TVS XL SuperTN 7 AT 8109Perambur
191TVS XL SuperTN 01 AC 3560Perambur
192Bajaj DiscoverTN 09 AQ 6488Perambur
193TVS ScootyTN 09 AK 3799Perambur
194Hero HondaTN 10 Z 9793Perambur
195TVS XL SuperTN 20 AR 7024Perambur
196Bajaj CT 100TN 22 AE 2484Perambur
197Hero Honda PassionAP 03 AB 4058Perambur
198TVS ChampTN 21 V 4358Perambur
199YamahaTN 23 X 2817Perambur
200TVS SuzukiTN 02 B 3201Perambur
201TVS ApacheTN 05 AK 2331Perambur
202Hero Honda SplendorTN 20 S 6165Perambur
203Motor cycleTN-20-V-6108Ponneri
204YamahaTN-03 F 8011Singaperumalkoil
205Hero Honda STN-09 U 3850Singaperumalkoil
206Bajaj CT-100TN-04 P 7054Singaperumalkoil
207TVS VictorTN-21 Q 4656Singaperumalkoil
208Hero Honda SplendorTN 72 K 9518Singaperumalkoil
209Kawasaki BajajTN 07 U 3559Singaperumalkoil
210TVS ApacheTN 10 X 0806Singaperumalkoil
211Hero Honda SplendorTN 20 S 9286Singaperumalkoil
212Hero Honda SplendorTN 22 B 8254Singaperumalkoil
213Hero Honda SplendorTB 2 8644 Singaperumalkoil
214Motor cycleTN-20-AX-9122Sulurpet
215Motor cycleTN-29-AD-3181Sulurpet
216Motor cycleTN-18-A-4941Sulurpet
217Hero Honda SplendorTN 20 W 2428Tambaram
218TVS XL SuperTN 22 A2 8955Tambaram
219Scooty Pep +TN 22 AT 8064Tambaram
220Hero Honda SplendorTN 09 P 6107Tambaram
221TVS ChampTN 09 U 0419Tambaram
222TVS Star CityFor RegTambaram
223TVS ApacheTN 22 BA 0143Tambaram
224Hero Honda SplendorTN 22 BC 7105Tambaram
225Bajaj PlatinaTN 22 BX 5941Tambaram
22630 CYCLES-Tambaram
227Hero HondaTN 04 R 7553Tambaram
228TVS 50TN 21 U 9931Tambaram
229Hero Honda StunnerTN 22 BC 6951Tambaram
230Bajaj PulsarTN 20 AB 8592Tambaram
231Hero HondaTN 10 T 9138Tambaram
232Suzuki MAX 100TN 20 V 8417Tambaram
233Star CityTN 09 AV 0837Tambaram
234TVS VictorTN 22 AJ 9019Tambaram
235Hero HondaTN 01 AK 5368Tambaram
236Hero Honda Passion PlusTN 09 AV 7524Tambaram
237Hero Honda PassionPY 01 AS 8232Tambaram
238Hero HondaTN 22 AB 7527Tambaram
239KawasakiTN 10 E 6940Tambaram
240TVS XL SuperTN 09 AA 1387Tambaram
241Bajaj PulsarTN 23 AF 9545Tambaram
242Hero HondaPY 01 3103Tambaram
243CD Dawn DeluxeTN 07 AA 6343Tambaram
244TVS XL SuperTN 20 BJ 3991Tambaram
245Bajaj PulsarOR 05 Q 9975Tambaram
246Bajaj CT 100TN 30 F 5402Tambaram
247TVS Star CityTN 22 AR 9021Tambaram
248Hero Honda PassionTN 48 S 7111Tambaram
249Bajaj PlatineTN 55 R 6478Tambaram
250Hero Honda SplendorTN 09 K 7542Tambaram
251TVS Star CityTN 09 AY 0363Tambaram
252Kawasaki BajajTN 09 S 0004Tambaram
253TVS XL SuperTN 21 J 0994Tambaram
254TVS VictorTN 07 AR 8086Tambaram
255Hero Honda SplendorTN 19 C 1136Tambaram
256TVS ChampTN 21 X 1683Tambaram
257Bajaj PulsarTN 21 AJ 0960Tambaram
258TVS Scooty PepTN 09 B4 5433Tambaram
259Hero Honda SplendorTH 22 A 06 9749Tambaram
260TVS Star CityTN 69 AX 1580Tambaram
261Honda UnicornTN 37 BV 2733Tambaram
262Honda ActivaTN 04 AF 9613Tambaram
263TVS 50TN 22 2985Tambaram
264SpiritTN 07 AB 4135Tambaram
265Honda ActivaTN 04 AF 9613Tambaram
266Hero Honda CBZTN 07 AD 1357Tambaram
267Hero Honda SplendorTN 23 AB 2166Tambaram
268Bajaj PulsarTN-34-E-9817Taramani
270TVS AppachiTN-22-B-6933Taramani
271CD-100 (Bajaj)TN-10-L4235Thirumailai
272Honda ActivaTN-07-AT-2381Thirumailai
273Pulsar Bajaj - BlackTN-20-AT-1573Thirumailai
2752 Two wheelers-Tiruninravur
2766 Bicycles-Tiruninravur
277Bajaj PlatinaTN-49-AX-8820Tiruvallikkeni
278Hero Honda SplendorTN-07-AX5801Tiruvallikkeni
279Bajaj PulsarTN 07 AV 8131Vandalur
280HondaTN 07 AD 4188Vandalur
281Hero Honda SplendorTN 21 A2 1388Vandalur
282Hero Honda PassionTN 20 BB 5344Vandalur
283TVS XL SuperTN 22 BU 0203Vandalur
284Hero Honda SplendorTN 22- AB-3153Velachery
285Honda GlamourTN 04 -Q-2408Velachery
286Hero Honda CD 100TN 22 A 1827Velachery
287TVS ChampTNO7 -X-3855Velachery
288Hero Honda SplendorTN-07-BM-0033Velachery
289SuzukiTN07- M- 2237Velachery
290Hero Honda SplendorTN-09-AX-3429Velachery
291Kinetic HondaTN-02-M-2648Velachery
293Bajaj PulsarTN-09- BR-776Velachery
294Hero Honda SplenderTN-09-AY-3429Velachery
296Hero-125 CCTN-22-BD-4098Velachery
297AmbassadorNo NumberVelachery
298TVS VictorTN-22BM-4057Velechery
299Bajaj PulsarTN07 F BD 8507Velechery
300TVS-Super XLTN05 AS    2775Velechery
301Hero Honda SplendorTN 22 D 3028Velechery
302Bajaj CD 100TN-09-AY-3978Velechery
303Bajaj PulsarTN-07-AR-3987Velechery
304TVS Max 100TN0AB 0628Velechery
305Hero Honda CD 100TN0 2 L 8415Velechery
306Raj DoodTN01 F 7964Velechery
307TVS SuzukiTN22 J 1653Velechery
308TVS VictorTN02 M 6513Velechery
309Honda ActivaTN07 AZ 2741Velechery
310Scooty PepTN22 BE 5234Velechery
311Hero Honda SplendorTN07 AR 1996Velechery
312Honda TIOTN07-BP-5283Velechery
313Hero Honda SplendorTN-O2-E-6849Velechery
314Hero Honda SplendorTN-01-V-6226Villivakkam
315TVS Max 100TN-07-T-9689Villivakkam
316TVS ScootyTN-09-S-5931Villivakkam
317XL SuperTN-73-Y-5716Villivakkam
318XL SuperTN-02-X-0490Villivakkam
319Bajaj M-80TN-01-S-5414Villivakkam
320TVS ScootyTN-27-7389Villivakkam
321Hero Honda SplendorTN-21-D-8322Villivakkam
322Hero Honda SplendorTN-05-J-7144Villivakkam
323Bajaj M-80No numberVillivakkam
324Bajaj PulsarTN-02-W-7353Villivakkam
325Hero HondaTN-59-AH-8348Villivakkam
32615 Bycycles-Villivakkam
327Hero Honda SplendorTN 05 AF 5094Vyasarpadi
328TVS CentraTN 20 S 0910Vyasarpadi
329Hero Honda SplendorTN 36 A 6050Vyasarpadi
330Hero Honda SplendorTN 20 C 1026Vyasarpadi
331Bajaj DiscoverTN 02 X 8460Vyasarpadi
332TVS CentraTN 20 AA 7681Vyasarpadi
333Bajaj PulsarTN 20 M 1600Vyasarpadi
334Hero Honda PassionTN OM 9930Vyasarpadi
335Hero Honda PassionTN 05 K 5197Vyasarpadi
336Hero DeluxeOL 95 D 7803Vyasarpadi
337Hero Honda SplendorTN 04 P 4137Vyasarpadi
338TVS StarTN 02 W 4152Vyasarpadi
339Hero Honda PassionTN 09 U 6629Vyasarpadi
340Bajaj PulsarTN 02 R 4644Vyasarpadi
341TVS CentraTN 20 AZ 4092Vyasarpadi
342TVS FiftyTN 07 H 6074Vyasarpadi
343Hero Honda SplendorTN 22 H 4434Vyasarpadi
344TVS ApacheTN 05 S 8218Vyasarpadi
345Hero Honda PassionTN 20 BZ 5027Vyasarpadi
346Hero Honda SplendorTN 05 S 5198Vyasarpadi
347Bajaj ET 100TN 20 AU 2157Vyasarpadi
348TVS SuzukiTN 04 F 6064Vyasarpadi
349TVS SuzukiTN 09 W 7071Vyasarpadi
350Hero Honda SplendorTN 01AB 0021Vyasarpadi
351Hero Honda SplendorTN 02 P 6050Vyasarpadi
352Hero Honda SplendorTN 02 AA 4398Vyasarpadi
353Hero Honda SplendorTN 20 E 2913Vyasarpadi
354Hero CT 100TN 20 E 7919Vyasarpadi
355Hero Honda SplendorNo NumberVyasarpadi
356Hero Honda SplendorNo NumberVyasarpadi

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