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98/2019-20 11-06-2019

Due to Engineering works, Line block is permitted o­n Up and Down  slow lines between Moore Market Complex – Villivakkam without affecting the movements to and from MMC in  North Eastern Line direction from 10.05 hrs  to 14.00 hrs o­n 09.06.2019 (Sunday).

Trains Fully cancelled o­n 09.06.2019 (Sunday) between MMC – TRT section

1.Train No 43219 MMC- Tiruvallur  leaving MMC at 09.45 hrs

2.Train No 43705 Chennai Beach – Tiruvallur leaving Chennai Beach at 13.05

3.Train No 43505 MMC – Tiruttani  leaving MMC at 10.00 hrs

4.Train No 43011 MMC – Avadi  leaving MMC at 10.05 hrs

5.Train No 43753 Chennai Beach – Pattabiram Military Siding 

6.Train No 43013 MMC – Avadi  leaving MMC at 10.15 hrs

7.Train No 43901 MMC – Kadambattur  leaving MMC at 10.30 hrs

8.Train No 43015 MMC – Avadi  leaving MMC at 10.45 hrs

9.Train No 43411 MMC – Arakkonam  leaving MMC at 11.05 hrs

10.Train No 43109 MMC – – Pattabiram Military Siding  leaving MMC at11.15 hrs

11.Train No 43605 Chennai Beach – Avadi  leaving Chennai Beach at 11.10 hrs

12.Train No 43221 MMC – Tiruvallur leaving MMC at 11.30 hrs

13.Train No 43507 MMC – Tiruttani  leaving MMC at 11.45 hrs

14.Train No 43903 MMC – Kadambattur  leaving MMC at 12.00 hrs

15.Train No 43223 MMC – Tiruvallur  leaving MMC at 12.10 hrs

16.Train No 43821 Chennai Beach –Tiruttani leaving Chennai Beach @12.10 hrs

17.Train No 43111 MMC –Pattabiram Military Siding   leaving MMC at 12.20 hrs

18.Train No 43017 MMC – Avadi  leaving MMC at 12.35 hrs

19.Train No 43413 MMC – Arakkonam leaving MMC at 12.50 hrs

20.Train No 43113 MMC – Pattabiram Military Siding leaving MMC at 13.00 hrs

21.Train No 43707 Chennai Beach  – Tiruvallur  leaving Chennai Beach

22.Train No 43225 MMC –Tiruvallur leaving MMC at 13.20 hrs

23.Train No 43415 MMC – Arakkonam leaving MMC at 13.40 hrs

24.Train No 43755 Chennai Beach  – Pattabiram Military Siding leaving Chennai Beach at 13.50 hrs

25.Train No 43509 MMC – Tiruttani  is partially cancelled between MMC and Avadi.

Trains Cancelled/Partially Cancelled o­n 09.06.2019 between Tiruttani - MMC section

1.Train No 43410 F Arakkonam – MMC leaving Arakkonam at 7.10 hrs

2.Train No 43412 Arakkonam – MMC leaving Arakkonam partially cancelled between Avadi – MMC

3.Train No 43414 Arakkonam - MMC leaving Arakkonam at 08.55 hrs

4.Train No 43014 Avadi – MMC leaving Avadi  at 09.15 hrs

5.Train No 43220 Tiruvallur – MMC partially cancelled between Avadi – MMC at 9.10 hrs

6.Train No 43222 Tiruvallur – MMC leaving Tiruvallur at 09.25 hrs

7.Train No 43016 Avadi   – MMC leaving Avadi at 09.55 hrs

8.Train No 43820Tiruttani –  Chennai Beach

9.Train No 43224 Tiruvallur – MMC leaving Tiruvallur at 10.05 hrs

10.Train No 43110 PTMS – MMC -  partially cancelled between Avadi – MMC

11.Train No 43226 Tiruvallur – MMC leaving Tiruvallur at 10.50 hrs

12.Train No 43018 Avadi– MMC leaving Avadi at 11.05 hrs

13.Train No 43506 Tiruttani – MMC partially cancelled between Avadi - MMC

14.Train No 43702 Tiruvallur – Chennai beach leaving Tiruvallur 11.05 hrs

15.Train No 43112 PTMS – MMC leaving PTMS at 11.25 hrs

16.Train No 43228 Tiruvallur – MMC leaving Tiruvallur at 11.25 hrs

17.Train No 43230 Tiruvallur – MMC leaving Tiruvallur at 12.00 hrs

18.Train No 43418 Arakkonam – MMC leaving Arakkonam at 12.00 hrs

19.Train No 43912 Kadambattur – MMC leaving Kadambattur at 12.05 hrs

20.Train No 43614 Avadi– Chennai Beach leaving Avadi at 12.10 hrs

21.Train No 4314 PTMS– MMC leaving PTMS at 12.50 hrs

22.Train No 43232 Tiruvallur – MMC leaving Tiruvallur at 13.05 hrs

23.Train No 43116 PTMS– MMC leaving PTMS at 13.40 hrs

24.Train No 43704 Tiruvallur – Chennai Beach leaving Tiruvallur at 13.40 hrs

25.Train No 43904 Kadambattur – MMC leaving Kadambattur at 13.40 hrs

Passenger Specials :

1.Tiruttani – Arakkonam leaving Tiruttani at 08.50 hrs

2.MMC - Arakkonam leaving MMC at 09.45 hrs.

3.Arakkonam – Tiruttani leaving Arakkonam at 11.55 hrs

4.Arakkonam – Tiruttani leaving Arakkonam at 11.55 hrs

5.Avadi – PTMS leaving Avadi at 13.50 hrs

6.Arakkonam – Tiruttani leaving Arakkonam at 13.50 hrs

7.Arakkonam – Tiruttani leaving Arakkonam at 14.25 hrs

8.Avadi – Tiruttani leaving Avadi at 15.00 hrs

Train No 66008 Arakkonam – MMC leaving Arakkonam at 10.50 hrs will be dealt o­n fast line between Pattabiram – MMC skipping stoppages at Pattibiram, Hindu College, Annanur, Tirumullaivoyal, Ambattur, Pattravakkam, Korattur, Perambur Loco works, Perambur Carriage woks, and Vyasarpadi Jeeva.


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(D. Om Prakash Narayan)

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