Office of The Sr.DFM/MAS


Chennai Divisional Accounts office is the associate finance office of all the departments coming under Chennai Division. This office is responsible for internal Auditing and financial control of all expenditure incurred by offices coming under this accounting unit. The mere fact that entire geographic area within the boundary stations of VLU,JTJ, PUDI, ODUR comes under Chennai division gives a glimpse of the enormity of responsibilities deposed on this office. Salary, Pension, PF, OT, Arrears, NPS, Leave salary encashment, bonus, IT and various Loans and advances of 25000 employees clustered in 209 Bill units are attended efficiently by this office. Intense Maintenance and construction activities have become permanent characteristics of this division.    This is nothing but natural outcome of the extremely heavy traffic handled by the division which covers the Chennai metropolitan area.


The following features are implemented since long back in this office

·         Bill Status: Contractors/Suppliers bills status updated in SR website on day to day basis.

·         e-payment: Employees salaries, Provident Fund, Settlement Payments Contractual payments are paid through Corporate Internet Banking systems.

·         e-filing of TDS : Recoveries from employees, Contractors/Suppliers and other misc. have been e-filed regularly based on PAN No. of employees, Contractors/Suppliers.

·         Touch Screen at o/o Sr.DFM/MAS: Contractors/Suppliers Bills, Provident Fund status

·         Change in work practice - Implementation of E-recon: It is an online portal for preparing, disposal and reconciliation of transfer transactions both Inter Railway and Intra Railways. It is expected to replace manual, quarterly and annual reconciliation through electronic transfer and ensures speedy settlement of transactions, generation of JV's and related reports while aiding in monitoring of transactions at different levels of management.

·         Implementation of - IRPSM: ( Indian Railways Projects Sanctions and Management) is a Web-based Application that allows Online creation of proposals, Finance views on the same and forwarding of 'New Works' proposals along with modifications to 'Work in Progress' from Divisions to Zonal Railways and onward to Railway Board for processing and Sanctions of Projects in Railway Board, Zonal Railways/Divisions etc.


All these Implemented through the following sections


This section deals with HR matters like SR / Leave maintenance, training, etc., processing of all claims of Officers & Staff of Division Accounts Office.

Administration -2

This section deals with procurements and maintenance of T & P items, imprest cash, stationery, housekeeping, staff welfare, receipt and dispatch of tapals and bills (telephone, direct purchases).



This section deals with vetting of estimates of Engg, S&T, Medical, Commercial, Stores and Operating depts., processing and checking of SOR, NS Rates, Sch. Parameters, mathematical accuracy, etc.,


This section deals with vetting of Zonal Works, PH and Revenue works. Deals with PWP proposals through IRPSM, verification with Board’s norms and policies, comparison of detailed estimates, cost, vis-à-vis Abstract cost, etc,.






Exp. Finance



This section deals with proposals on quotation basis, adherence to prescribed ceiling limits, sanction of work under relevant SOP & award of work utilizing “quotational” powers, issuing of finance concurrence to Medical reimbursements

Stores Finance

Est. Finance





This section deals with proposals related to vehicle parking, commercial publicity, public convenience, catering proposals. SLR/AGC, STBS tabulation, ATMs.


This section deals with the preparation and passing of Salary bills comprising 209 bill units and miscellaneous bills, besides SR and LPC vetting.




Except for payments like Advanced payment,  payments made to certain statutory bodies which insists still on cheque/DD payments, all other payments are being done through Corporate internet Banking. 100% Salary payments to 25000 employees each month is being made through this mode.  





This section is the nodal section between Statutory Audit and Executives Offices and is on constant Liasoning between Branch officers, conducting bi and tri – partite meetings facilitating the closure of reports as well as Annexure J cases.


Cash & Pay



Information Technology

SMS enquiry system for both PF and suppliers Bills designed and developed , completely in-house. Developed and maintaining website at