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Works Tenders - Eligibility Criteria


ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS: The intending tenderer shall satisfy thefollowing eligibility criteria.Eligibility criteria for all works costing above Rs.10 lakhs:







Should have physically completed in the last three financial years (i.e. current year and 3 previous financial years).

At least one similar single work for a minimum value of 35% of Advertised Tender value of work.


Turn Over

Total contract amount received during the past 3 years and in the current financial year as per the current ITCC/Audited balance sheet duly certified by the chartered Accountant.

Should be a minimum of 150% of Advertised Tender value.


1   The experience and turnover certificate shall be in the name of the firm or in own name for consideration.

2   MOU, consortium of firms, sister concerns will not be considered towards eligibility criteria.

3   In case of Partner ship firms the experience and turnover certificate shall be in the name of the firm else all the partners should have requisite experience and turnover.

4   For works costing less than Rs.10 lakhs, the above eligibility conditions will not be applicable. However, the tenderer shall submit necessary testimonials and documents along with the tender so that his capability to undertake the work can be gauged to the satisfaction of the Engineer in Charge. Tenders submitted without the requisite testimonials are liable to be rejected.


The following documents should be submitted along with tender:

a)   List of personnel, organization available on hand and proposed to be engaged for the subject work;

b)  List of plant and machinery available on hand (own) and proposed to be inducted (own and hired to be given separately) for the subject work.

c)  List of works completed in the last three financial years giving description of work, organization for whom executed, approximate value of contract at the time of award, date of award and date of scheduled completion of work, date of actual start, actual completion and final value of contract should also be given.

d) List of works on hand indicating description of work, contract value, approximate value of balance work yet to be done and date of award.

Note: 1) In case of items (c) and (d) above, supportive documents/certificates from the organizations with whom they worked / are working should be enclosed. The certificate issued minimum at the level of Sr.DEN/DEN for open line works, Dy.CE for construction organisation and Executive Engineer in case of other departments will only be taken into consideration. 2) Certificates from private individuals for whom such works are executed/being executed will not be accepted.

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