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Electrical dept

Kiosk 3 Ph.

Kisk S. Ph.

FL Brtacket

Bracket for Window AC

Weld mesh for Window AC

LSP Single Bracket

LSP Double Bracket

LSP Name Boaed

LSP Stepped

Cable trench

Cable route indicator CI

Bracket for charger

EFT 1 of 4

EFT 2 of 4

EFT 3 of 4

EFT 4 of 4

EFT enclosure

U bracket

Earth with GI pipe

Meter bunk 3 Ph.

Meter bunk Single Phase

Rolling in exam light

Erection of cut rail

Erection of  rail post 28 ft

Erection of rail post 36 ft

Strut set

Stay set

Pre-cooling plug

DP Structure 3m

DP Structure 2m

RCC route indicator

LT cross arm 4 way

F Clamp

Loose coil pit 4m

Loose coil pit 3m

Cross arm for guarding

Plate earth

A Stool

Fire bucket stand

Earthing with CI pipe

Channel pole for SS fencing

Lamp Standard Post 7m

Pre cooling bus

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