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Trivandrum Division



Railway Protection Force (RPF) is an Armed Force of the Union of India under the Ministry of Railways. The main duty of the Force is to protect and safeguard Railway property. The Force is also entrusted with the additional responsibility of security of passengers in trains and Railway premises. The functional areas identified and concentrated are:-


(1)Prevention and Detection of Crime against passengers and their belongings


(2)Prevention and Detection of crime against Railway Property


(3)Improving punctuality


(4)Ensuring safety of passengers and preventing damage to railway property


(5)Create a congenial work environment on railways


(6)Prevent drain of railway wealth.


(7)Public facilitation and education.


(8)Effective implementation of the Railways Act to contain the menace ofunauthorized hawking, begging, nuisance, drunkenness etc.


(9)Public Participatory Programmes – ‘RPF Mitra Yojana’ – Community  
for railway security


(10) Rescue of stranded juveniles from trains & railway premises for   
       better care 
and protection.

Do you need assistance on security issues while on rail journey?

You can also pass on information regarding any crime on Railways.

Please dial or SMS to


999-50-40000(RPF Help-Line) &98460200100(Rail Alert)


email your suggestion & complaint on security to



Source : Southern Railway Welcomes You CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 02-07-2014