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The Accounts department is headed by Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer (FA&CAO).

The Accounts Department is mainly responsible for :- 

  • Keeping the accounts of the Southern Railway in accordance with the prescribed rules.
  • Internal check of transactions affecting the receipt and expenditure of Southern Railway.
  • Prompt settlement of proper claims against Southern Railway.
  • Tendering, as part of its important functions, advice to the administration whenever required or necessary in all matters involving Railway finance.
  • Compilation of budgets in consultation with other departments and monitoring the budgetary control procedures as may be laid down in the relevant orders and Code rules from time to time.
  • Generally discharging other management accounting functions such as providing financial data for management reporting, assisting inventory management, participation in purchase/contracting decisions and surveys for major schemes in accordance with relevant rules and orders.
  • Seeing that there are no financial irregularities in the transaction of the railway.

Source : Southern Railway Welcomes You CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 31-12-2011