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Organization Chart 


>Re-engagement-Notification dated 27.12.2017 

>Conduct of Mid-term Pension Adalat-2017 at Divisional Level
>Filling up of Posts at CN/Chennai area under Electrical Dept.
>Filling up of vacancies of Lab Suptd. in Medical Dept.
>Filling up of vacancies of Field Worker in Medical Dept.
>Filling up of 7 vacancies of Instructor/Operating at ZRTI/TPJ
>Filling up the post of CTA/Traffic in RDSO

Award of Scholarships for Higher Technical/Professional Degress/Diploma Courses
>Developing Occupational Skills of Physically/Mentally challenged Railway employees/wards
>Relief of Distress/Sickness

Track Maintainers
>Commercial Clerks


>Ticket Checking cadre as on 01.01.17
>Commercial Clerk cadre as on 01.01.17
ECRC cadre as on 01.01.17
Marker as on 01.01.17
Ministerial Staff as on 01.01.16

>JE/GS as on 01.01.17
>SSE/JE/TRD as on 31.03.15
>Technicians & Helpers(AC) as on 01.01.17
>Technicians/TL as on 01.01.17
>Technicians/Power as on 01.01.17
OHE/PSI/TRD as on 31.03.16
>Helper as on 01.01.17
>Ministerial Staff as on 01.01.17

>Junior Engineers/Works as on 01.01.2018
>Track Maintainer I, II, III, IV of SSE/PW/KLGD section as on 01.01.16
>Track Maintainer I, II, III, IV of SSE/PW/W/PTJ section as on 01.01.16
Artizan Staff(Plumber, Painter, Welder, Carpenter, Brick layer & BlackSmith)  as on 01.01.16
>Artizan Staff(MT Driver, Binder, Diver & Watchman) as on 01.01.16
>NA Khalasi as on 01.01.16
>Artizan Staff(Colony Gangman & Rest House caretaker) as on 01.01.16
>Artizan Staff(Rivetter & Tindal) as on 01.01.16

>Motor Vehicle Drivers as on 01.01.17
J.Peons & Peons as on 01.07.15
>Stenographer as on 01.01.15

>SSE & JE/C&W as on 01.01.17
>Sr.Tech, Tech. Gr-I & II/C&W as on 01.01.17
>Tech Gr-III/C&W as on 01.01.17
Running Staff as on 01.01.17
>Loco Staff as on 01.01.16
>IOH Staff(Sr.Tech & Tech Gr.I) as on 01.01.17
Ancillary Staff as on 01.01.17
>Helper I & II/C&W as on 01.01.16
>Ministerial Staff as on 31.01.16

>Dresser as on 01.01.17
>Cook(Sr.Cook, Cook) as on 01.01.17
>Ambulance Van Attendant, Watch Man, X-ray Attendant as on 01.01.17
>Hospital Attendant as on 01.01.17
>Safaiwala as on 01.01.17
>Chief Pharmacists & Pharmacists as on 01.04.17

Station Superintendent as on 01.01.15
>SMs/ASMs as on 01.07.15
>Mail Guard,  Sr.Pass Guard, Sr.Goods Guard & Goods Guard as on 01.01.17
>CTNC, Sr.TNC, TNC as on 01.01.16
>Controllers Cadre as on 01.01.15
>SHM I & II as on 01.01.15
>Sr.Pointsman as on 01.01.15
>Pointsman 'A' as on 01.01.15
SCP cadre as on 01.01.15
>Ministerial Staff as on 01.01.16

>Ministerial Staff as on 01.01.2018

>JE/Signal as on 01.01.16
>JE, Sr.Tech, Tech Gr-I, II, III & Helper/Signal as on 01.01.17
>JE, Sr.Tech, Tech Gr-I, II, III & Helper/Tele as on 01.1.2018
>Ministerial Staff as on 01.01.16


>Approved cases
>Position of CGA cases
Alternative Employment on Medical Grounds

>O.O.No.J/PR 19/2017 dt-11.05.17
>O.O.No.J/MM 13/2017 dt-03.05.17
>O.O.No.J/PR 18/2017 dt-02.05.17
>O.O.No.J/PR 17/2017 dt-02.05.17
>O.O.No.J/PR 16/2017 dt-25.04.17
>O.O.No.J/PR 15/2017 dt-25.04.17
>O.O.No.J/MM 12/2017 dt-21.04.17
>O.O.No.J/MM 10/2017 dt-12.04.17
>O.O.No.J/PR 13/2017 dt-28.03.17
>O.O.No.J/PR 12/2017 dt-22.03.17
>O.O.No.J/PR 11/2017 dt-15.03.17
>O.O.No.JMM 09/2017 dt-01.03.17
>O.O.No.JMM 07/2017 dt-21.02.17
O.O.No.J/MM 03/2017 dt-03.02.17
>O.O.No.JM-02/2017(Mechl) dt-24.01.17

>O.O.No.J/MD/08/2017 dt-11.04.17
>O.O.No.J/MD/06/2017 dt-17.02.17

>O.O.No.T/IV 12/2017 dt-06.04.17
>O.O.No.T/IV 11/2017 dt-06.04.17
>O.O.No.T/IV 10/2017 dt-05.04.17
>O.O.No.TD/01/2017 dt-28.03.17
>O.O.No.T 08/17 dt-14.03.17
>Corrigendum of O.O.No.T 07/17 dt-09.03.17
>O.O.No.T 07/17 dt-09.03.17
>O.O.No.T 05/2017 dt-27.02.17
O.O.No.T 04/2017 dt-14.02.17
>O.O.No.T.02/17 dt-23.01.17

>O.O.No.J/PB 11/2017 dt-08.05.17
>O.O.No.J/PB/08/2017 dt-06.04.17
>O.O.No.J/PB/06/2017 dt-17.03.17
>O.O.No.J/PB/07/2017 dt-16.03.17
O.O.No.J/PB 03/2017 dt-31.01.17
>O.O.No.J/PB 02/2017 dt-31.01.17

>O.O.No.J/SG17/2017 dt-07.04.17
>O.O.No.J/SG13/2017 dt-24.03.17
>O.O.No.J/SG12/2017 dt-22.03.17


>Fixation of Pay (VIIth PC) - Genl. Dept
>VR of Sri.Gopalan Chennappoyil, SHM-I/CAN(SNP)
>Resignation from Rly service 
>Correction of Name in Service Register
>Request for Voluntary Retirement
>Re-fixation of Pay - CTI/SL/SRR
>Re-fixation of Pay - SCP/MAQ
>Request for Voluntary Retirement
>Re-fixation of TC cadre
>Re-fixation of Pay - MEMU Shed/PGT under ELS/ED/SA dn./Elec Dept.
>Re-fixation of Pay - Helper/Signal
>Re-fixation of Pay - Mechanical Dept
>Re-fixation of Pay - S&T Dept

>VR of Sri.Ramachandran.P, TRMNTR-II/USFD/CLT
>Absorption of Tech-III/Trainee as Tech-III on regular basis
>VR of Sri.K.V.Gopalakrishnan, Sr.Tech/P/PGT
>Promotion taking place in the Pre-revised Pay Structure Elec/TRD - reg
>Promotion taking place in the Pre-revised Pay Structure S&T dept - reg
>Pay Fixation-JE/C&W/MAJN
>Pay Fixation-SSE/C&W
>Pay Fixation-Sr.TE/PGT

>Conduct of selection for the post of Stenographer Gr.III GP Rs.2400
Allotment of Transit Accomodation
>New Catering Policy 2010-restoration and restructuring of catering posts

>Post of Section Controller
>Post of Stenographer/Gr.III/PGT division
>Post of Goods Guards against 60% Promotional Quota
>Jr.Clerk-cum-Typist in Vigilance Branch, Southern Railway on deputation basis

>Change/Fresh allotment of Quarters as on 10.05.2016 - General Pool
Type III Qrts as on 09.09.15
>Type IV Qrts as on 09.09.15

PC Advance registration as on 08.09.15
>Scooter Advance registration as on 08.09.15

>Retirement list of the Staff for the period from April 2017 to March 2018


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